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Moving to Belleville Ontario? Use our links to learn about locating to the City of Belleville. Buying Belleville real estate? Find all Belleville real estate listings with Loyalist Realty Inc.’s online Quinte MLS listing search. View colour listings of all homes for sale in the Quinte Region. Search Residential real estate, farm property, waterfront, cottages, Quinte Listings and other Quinte properties for sale other homes for sale. Loyalist Realty Inc., Brokerage 613-969-9966

The Quinte & District Real Estate Board Inc. is located in the Village of Cannifton, just north of Hwy 401 (Exit Hwy 37 North) and the City of Belleville.The Board jurisdiction covers the Municipality of the Corporation of Prince Edward, Hastings County north to and including the Townships of Marmora, Madoc, and Elzevir Ward; and Northumberland County including the Townships of Percy, Cramahe, Brighton, Seymour Ward and Murray Ward. Within this territory are the communities of Belleville, Trenton, Brighton, Picton, Campbellford, Colbourne, Deseronto, Frankford, Hastings, Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, and Tweed, as well as other adjacent rural communities. Within the jurisdiction of our Board falls a variety of residential, farm, commercial, and recreational properties. The Quinte area waterfront offers hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore, boasts some of the finest fishing in North America and is the gateway to the Trent-Severn Waterway. Glanmore House, a restored Victorian mansion, is the home of the Hastings County Museum, housing a superb collection of antique furniture, works of art and is designated a National Historic Site. Antique lovers can explore the many shops and flea markets displaying the work of local artists and craftspeople. Our beautiful northern lakes and County fairs, the numerous golf courses, the performing & visual art presentations, along with a multitude of campgrounds in the vicinity including the famous Sandbanks Provincial Park with its incredible beaches and dunes in nearby Prince Edward County, are just a few of the reasons visitors are drawn to our area. Visit Belleville's new Civic Square and Farmers' Market and the annual Waterfront Festival and Folklorama in July. Trenton's 8 Wing Canadian Forces Base is the largest air transport base in Canada and employs more than 3,000 people. 8 Wing 424 Search & Rescue Squadron operates from the Trenton base which covers the entire Ontario, Quebec and northern regions.Whether you're a fishing enthusiast, golfer, shopper, art lover or just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery, you won't be disappointed in the Quinte Area. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY Most real estate professionals in our province are members of the Ontario eal Estate Association (OREA) - and only members of OREA can call themselves REALTORS. When you deal with a REALTOR, you can expects not only strict adherence to provincial laws, but also adherence to a Code of Ethics. That code is very important to you - because it assures you will receive the highest level of service, honestly and integrity. HIGHEST PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS Before receiving a real estate licence, candidates must successfully complete an extensive course of study developed by OREA on behalf of the Ontario Government. That is only the beginning: in the two years after receiving their licence, the new professionals are required to successfully complete three additional courses as part of their articling with an experienced broker. USING A REALTOR FOR SELLERS...THE MARKETING PLAN Depending on your circumstances and on the prevailing market, your REALTOR will develop a marketing plan that may include: An Open House: There are two kinds of Open House: one is solely for REALTORS, so they can assess your home against the needs of their clients; and the second is an advertised Open House for all potential buyers. In either case, your REALTOR takes care of all the details and acts in your behalf at your home while you spend the Open House time elsewhere. Advertising: Effective newspaper advertising, tailored to your home and local market can be placed for you by your REALTOR. Lawn signs and direct mail flyers featuring your home are other forms of advertising frequently used by REALTORS. Listing Choices: Your REALTOR may recommend an exclusive listing - which gives him or her sole authority to offer your property - or a multiple listing via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - which provides access to a much broader base of potential buyers. Tips and Hints: Whether or not your home shows well to prospective buyers can determine how long it stays on the market and what it sells for. Your REALTOR can give you tips - fresh paint, flowers, rearranging furniture - to improve the marketability of your home and create a good first impression. A FAIR ASSESSMENTArriving at an accurate estimate of value for your home is one of your REALTOR's prime tasks. It involves analyzing your home and comparing it to other, similar houses for sales or recently sold in the neighborhood. It may also involve a broader market survey using sales statistics available only to qualified REALTORS. In the end, you will be sure the price you set reflects the true value of your home under current market conditions. SEPARATING "LOOKERS" FROM "BUYERS"Professional REALTORS know how to separate "looker" from "buyers". Your REALTOR will "pre-qualify" potential buyers to save wear and tear on your home and lifestyle and to assure only serious offers are tendered. FOR BUYERS...TARGETING YOUR DREAM HOMEWhen you're buying a home, a REALTOR will help you identify what you want in your new residence. A pool? A garage? An extra room? A particular building design? What about the neighborhood? Proximity to schools or work? A REALTOR will compare your needs, wants and budget with what is available on the market - and make recommendations that save you time and effort. He or she will also accompany you as you view houses, and help you assess their suitability and price. As an expert on a property, a REALTOR can provide facts on the neighborhood, the cost of heating, the condition of the furnace, and so on. In other words, he or she will work with you to achieve your "dream". ACCESS TO MLS Multiple Listing Service or MLS is an exclusive service accessible only through a REALTOR - and it can be a valuable tool. Through MLS, the details of a wide variety of listed properties are made available to the REALTOR you work with. That can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort in your hunt for the right home. ARRANGING FINANCING REALTORS have broad and current know - ledge of the financing choices available to you - and there are many of them, an often confusing array. At your request, a REALTOR will assist in evaluating mortgage options and obtaining financing at the most attractive prevailing rates and terms. WORKING WITH A REALTOR - THE AGENCY RELATIONSHIP In real estate, there are three different forms of agency relationship: 1. Seller's Agent A real estate company may be an agent of the vendor. In this case, a vendor can expert the REALTOR to represent his or her best interests. This is the traditional and most common agency relationship in real estate. Vendors contact REALTORS to sell their properties by signing a "listing" agreement. This is the agreement that establishes the formal agency relationship between the real estate company and the vendor. A seller's agent is expected to tell the vendor anything that might influence the vendor's decisions (such as the decision to accept an offer to purchase). The REALTOR must also maintain the confidentiality of information discussed with the vendor and the REALTOR must tell the seller if the buyer is willing to offer a higher price. A buyer can expect competent service, knowing the seller's agent is bound by ethics and law to be honest and thorough in representing the property for sale. Buyers can expect help identifying how much they can afford to spend; they will be shown properties for sale; and REALTORS will help buyers complete the forms for an offer to purchase. A buyer can also expect from a vendor's REALTOR disclosure of pertinent information about a property, assurance that nothing about the property will be misrepresented and honest answers to questions about the property. REALTORS working for vendors can offer buyers access to a vast storehouse of information about properties being sold in the community. They also can provide specific information about particular properties. Buyers should know however, that information shared with a seller's agent - such as how much they ultimately are willing to pay for a particular property - must be shared by that REALTOR with the vendor.2. Buyer's Agent A real estate company may be an agent of the buyer. In this case, it is the buyer who can expect the REALTOR to represent his or her best interests. REALTORS will fully disclose to buyers all the pertinent facts about a given property. A REALTOR working for a buyer confidential from the seller. Buyer agency is established through a written contract between the purchaser and a REALTOR. That agreement will explain exactly what services the REALTOR will provide the buyer, who will pay for those services and what obligations the buyer will have. For instance, a typical buyer's agency agreement will commit a purchaser to work exclusively with that REALTOR for a period of time. A vendor can expect from a buyer's agent an honest representation of a buyer's offer to purchase. 3. Dual Agent Occasionally a real estate company will be the agent of both the vendor and the purchaser. This is called "dual agency". Under this arrangement, a REALTOR is obligated to look after the interests of both the buyer and seller. Dual agency most often occurs when a REALTOR is working on a transaction with two people he or she has as agency relationship with. This could be a vendor and a potential purchaser who is also a vendor with the same REALTOR. In a dual agency situation, a REALTOR owes full disclosure to both the buyer and the seller. Any confidential information must be shared with both parties. But the aim of the REALTOR remains the same: putting together a willing seller and a willing purchaser to complete a transaction. WHO PAYS?  Usually the seller's agent earns a fee or commission from the seller of a property. This fee is agreed upon in the listing agreement - the some agreement that establishes the formal agency relationship between the REALTOR and the vendor. A buyer can expect service from a seller's agent (as described above) but that service will be paid for by the vendor. The fee of a buyer's agent must be negotiated between the purchaser and the REALTOR. In the simplest case, a buyer's REALTOR would be paid directly by the buyer. Payment for a dual agent must be agreed upon in contracts between the REALTOR, the vendor and the purchaser.WHEN MORE THAN ONE REALTOR IS INVOLVED Often, a buyer will work one REALTOR and a seller will work with another REALTOR. It may appear that the REALTOR working with the buyer is working for that buyer and is in an agency relationship with the buyer. That is not necessarily the case. Most properties are sold through a system of co-operation among REALTOR known as the Multiple Listing Services or MLS. Under this system, a REALTOR working with a seller offers to co-operate in the sale of that property with other REALTORS. Any co-operating REALTOR then becomes a "sub-agent" of the original "listing" REALTOR. That means all co-operating REALTORS - even though they are working closely with buyers - are actually agents of the vendor and must represent the interests of the vendor. It is possible for a buyer's agent to co-operate through the MLS with a vendor's agent. A buyer's agent REALTOR would simply have to identify himself to the listing REALTOR as a buyer's agent in advance of any negotiation and receive written permission


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